New Story And Updates

Hey guys,

I know I’ve released a new story, but I want to stick with one story. I finally decided I’m going to make a comedic story about a black family that lives in a nice neighborhood and tries to fit in with their surroundings.

Some of the things in the story are stuff that are said in a black household. I hope this story can appeal to people of different races. Really, this story is based on things that happened to me, or ether other family members, not all of that is true.

What do you guys think about me writing a story without pictures? Is that kinda hard for you since you see all these picture sim stories (this story doesn’t have to be about sims), would it be weird?

Like DreamsInPixels, I was listening to a song and got an idea for new material. So I said to myself, “Girl, why don’t you make a new story?”

So this is how it’s going to go if I focus on this one story. Adulthood and Cannon Valley will be on hiatus (The Bachelor too).

I don’t really have any followers here (a few and I’m happy about that). I try to get people from the forums to check my stuff out, but they don’t follow my blog. It’s just really hard. I don’t know what’s up. Is it that my recent posts are boring? Nobody’s really commenting so I don’t know what you want me to do, but some people have (two different people).

I don’t want to quit this, but I’m really discouraged right now.


4 thoughts on “New Story And Updates

  1. Never be discouraged love. You keep writing. Keep creating. There are so many great writers in our group and so much content. I have so many stories to read, my own to write (which has suffered as of late because of busyness), and work and other life concerns. We are all busy people yes? So don’t think we don’t want to read. Just a lot to keep up with. I read as much as I can, when I have time.
    So keep writing and creating. We do this because we love it. It is therapeutic and fun. So write for you first and then everything else will follow.


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