Q&A: Get To Know A Little More About Me!

  • What is your favorite color? My favorite color is pink. I love pink because it’s such a beautiful color, and it spices things up! pink 3
  • What is your ethnicity? I’m black but if you wanna be professional with it, I’m African American. 
  • What is your hair color? My hair color is dark brown. natural-curly-brown-hair
  • What is your eye color? My eye color is dark brown, like my hair.imgres
  • What is the texture of your hair? Wavy-curly. It’s very strong, and not brittle at all. Hairstyles-for-Black-Women-with-Natural-Hair
  • What is your favorite type of writing? Poetry. Poetry is floetry, I say what comes and goes to me. poetry3
  • How old are you? I’m an old soul, living inside a young body.8ef670d954471766173d438576962169
  • What type of music do you listen to? I listen to all types of music, but I’ve been listening to old school music recently.                                                                                 url
  • Do you know how to swim? Yes. I took swimming classes around the age of four, and I was a pro ever since.                                                                                        kids-swimming-clipart-young_african_american_boy_swimming_with_fishes_0515-1102-2103-1442_SMU
  • What are some interesting facts about you? I love to rap, sing, and make movies. drake-rapping
  • What is the funniest story you could ever tell? When I was little, I went to Brookfield Zoo. I was on a field trip. All the boys and girls went to the bathroom, and I was waiting outside the bathrooms with my teacher. When she wasn’t looking, I went out to the boys bathroom and they stared at me why they were peeing. Then I laughed. One of my friends came out the girls bathroom and we looked inside there. We both laughed while the boys felt so awkward lol.                     url.jpg                                                                                                                                                                   (please note that the photo isn’t mine!) Photo comes from this website: http://mbaby4.tripod.com/id4.html
  • What is your personality like? I’m quirky, exciting, and very different, like my teachers would say. I don’t have a whole lotta friends, but I’m a really nice person. iStock_000016391244XSmall.jpg
  • What are your pet peeves? I have so many, but one of my pet peeves are when people keep asking me if I’m mixed. I don’t have any problem with mixed people, and I don’t take it as an insult, but the same people ask me over and over again like they don’t believe me. Another thing I hate is when people ask me if I wear weave (which I don’t) and say, “Girl, stop playin!” When I tell them that I don’t.maxresdefault-13077137.jpg
  • What is one of the harshest bullying experiences you ever had? I had a whole lot, but the harshest had to be when girls teased me about my skin color. I’m light skinned, and girls hesitate when it comes to me. They’re like, “Are you black? Like black, black?” And I say, “Yep! Both of my parents are black.” When they get into an argument with me, they love to say, “Get out my face little white girl.”
  • Do you have any social media? Nope.
  • What time is it? Hammer time! giphy
  • What’s your favorite 80’s/90’s show of all time? There are so many. I’m going to have to name a few! Blossom, French Prince of Bel Aire, Martin, Family Matters, The Cosby Show (Forget about Bill), Moesha, A Different World, Sister, Sister, Living Single, Full House, and Amen.                                            url-1.jpg
  • Will you do a part to this Q&A, or another Q&A? Yes, I will.
  • What is the name of the story that you’re currently working on? To Live Life Like You’re Dying, click here.wvq1jb.png
  • What do you love about your readers? I love their feedback. I enjoy it. That motivates me to write more!

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