Merry Christmas!


It’s been one heck of a week. School, Christmas, family. How about you guys? I got a new camera, The Sims 4 Get Together, my first Tupac shirt, lipstick (just for practice), lip gloss, body wash, a spinbrush (spinning toothbrush), and some money from my daddy! He surprised for me Christmas. He actually came to see me.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here or the sims forums. I am really sorry. I’ve just been on Tumblr, and I need to switch it up a bit. I will try to update the blog as much as possible.

I know you guys like hearing my insight on things, and I will do some posts about my opinion pretty soon. I just got Get Together, and I will try to see if my game will work. I want to continue writing To Live Life Like You’re Dying.

As usual guys, you know I had to eat that food up like it was some chicken. Lol. Collard greens, sweet potato pie, jerk turkey. All are delicious. Somehow I ended up eating chicken and french fries on Christmas lol.

School has been good so far. I have my homies with me, and there is a new boy coming to school. He’s going to come after winter break. Hopefully I can make a new friend, or have academic competition. I love competition, though. It motivates me to excel. I also have an amazing reading teacher. I think she likes me out of all her students TBH. I’ve never been the teacher’s pet before. No scratch that. I’m just about every teacher’s pet. The assistant principal likes me a lot and she gives me lots of opportunities to do good things. I don’t really talk to the principal. There is also a social worker, and he put me in this program. I am mentoring kids in 2nd and 3rd grade that have disciplinary issues. I have a student that I am mentoring and her name is Zerkira (Zuh-Ker-A). I don’t really know how to spell her name yet. I will soon.

Straight A’s guys! I want to get it all four quarters, and I am also enrolling in NJHS. I’m a lazy bum, so no I didn’t write my letter on why I wanted to get in yet. I feel like a horrible student. I didn’t read my reading book yet, or study my script for our play in social studies. I still have time. I can do it.

I’m just really hard on myself. Can you blame me? Grades are important in this day and age. Some jobs require a college diploma. Oh, and more thing. Doing the mentoring program will get me a scholarship to good high school, and he said he will give us a good recommendation, and we can put the mentoring thing on our resume. I love you guys and I hope you all had a great holiday. I spent Christmas with my aunt who has alzheimer’s. I didn’t want to spend the night, but I did. I’m glad I spent the night because no one called her, and I had to be in her shoes for a minute. People feel really lonely during holidays like this. Enough sad talk. New Year’s is coming up! What are your resolutions?

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I love mentoring kids. I did it in high school and college. I really don’t know what the appeal is for me. Maybe because I like sharing knowledge and experiences with people and being a listening ear—to a certain point lol. I’m glad you’re doing well in school! I never got straight A’s except one time in college, and that was the second time I was in school. Keep up the good work! Oh, and I’m glad your dad came!


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