The Bachelor

The Bachelor

07-25-15_7:05 PM

“Hello, I am Enrique Calderon and I am the host of The Bachelor.”

07-25-15_7:05 PM-2

“Now let’s meet our contestants.”

07-25-15_7:08 PM

“Hi, my name is Candance and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m looking for a man who gets me.”

07-25-15_7:10 PM-2

“I guess you could say I’m a really nice girl. I like romantic walks at the park. On my freetime I enjoy working at the community center taking care of kids, and helping strays find homes.”

07-25-15_7:10 PM

“If the suitor chose me out of all these wonderful women, I would feel so happy! That let’s me know that I can find love with a personality as wonderful as I mine. If I don’t win, I won’t cry because I know that someday I will find someone who loves me for who I am.”

07-25-15_7:12 PM-2

“Hi my name is London and I’m not afraid to show my beautiful curves.”

07-25-15_7:12 PM

“I came here to find love, and possibly make new friends. On my freetime I like partying with my friends, and eating food.”

Producer: Is that how you got your curves?”

“Uh, absolutely not!”

07-25-15_7:15 PM-2

“Hola, my name is Kiana and I hope to have a papi when I get back home.”

07-25-15_7:15 PM

Producer: “Do you think you’re going to win this season’s Bachelor?”

“Of course. I’m better than all this stupid girls, I’m a real woman. That man is going to love me, whether he wants to or not. I’m a Valdez! Valdez women are hypnotizing to men.”

07-25-15_7:16 PM

“Nice to meet you, my name is Jazmine. I am from Mumbai and I went away to find my prince.”

07-25-15_7:17 PM-2

“You see, If I didn’t leave my hometown, I would’ve been forced into a marriage. I talked to my mother and she decided that I could go on this show. But if I wasn’t picked by the suitor, I have to go back home. I hope I win.”

Producer: I hope you will be able to marry someone you like.

07-25-15_7:17 PM

“Me too.”

07-25-15_8:11 PM-2

“Hi, my name is Evangeline. I’m a model from Los Angeles. When I was younger, I had planned out my life. I said that I was going to be on reality tv, and here I am.”

Producer: I heard that you came from humble beginnings, is that true?”

07-25-15_8:11 PM-3

“Yes, but I really don’t like discussing the past. I came from more than a poor place,”

07-25-15_8:11 PM

Producer: “Well, tell me about yourself.”

“I like telling jokes, I can be very flirty, and I just like being myself. My favorite thing to do is watch sports and go to the games.”

07-25-15_8:13 PM-2

07-25-15_8:13 PM

“My name is Jade and I can be kind of a dark person. But more than anything, I have an very unique personality.”

07-25-15_8:14 PM-2

I guess you could say the most interesting thing about me is that I have a real sense of humor. Usually people see me as the serious one. I have a liking for dark comedies too.”

07-25-15_8:14 PM

07-25-15_9:05 PM

“You will be meeting your suitor shortly. Once you meet him, he will choose one of you ladies for a special dinner.”

07-25-15_9:07 PM

07-25-15_9:07 PM-2

07-25-15_9:13 PM

“Hello ladies. It’s so nice to meet you all. I’m Jacob Hobbs and I hope you all have a wonderful stay.”

07-25-15_9:08 PM-2

“My name is Jazmine. I’m from India.”

“That’s very nice to know. I was born here in America.”

“You’re cuter than I imagined.”

“Thank you, Jazmine.”

07-25-15_7:17 PM-2

“Oh my gosh. He talked to me! This is so big for me, because my mother wouldn’t let me talk to boys when I was little!”

07-25-15_9:13 PM

“Hi, Jacob. I’m Kiana. I heard a lot about you.”

“Nice to meet you. You have an very beautiful name.”

“Thank you!”

07-25-15_7:15 PM

“I think I’m gonna have a papi, soon!”

Producer: “Why do you think so?”

“Because I’m a Valdez. The women in my family always find a papi. That’s what my momma did when I was little.”07-25-15_9:09 PM

“I’m going to leave you and the ladies alone. Have a good time.”

“So, what’s your favorite thing, Mr. Hobbs?”

“You of course, Kiana. Would you like to go to dinner with me?”


“Oh don’t be selfish, Jacob. What about me, London?”

“You’re gorgeous as well.”

“Oh, I’m just so glad I get to speak to you!”

“I’m glad to speak to you too, Jazmine.”

07-25-15_7:12 PM

“It looks like Kiana might be getting Mr. Hobbs, all to herself. Not on my watch!”

At The Dinner..

07-25-15_9:26 PM

07-25-15_9:27 PM-3

“You look very nice, Kiana.”

“Thank you.”

07-25-15_9:27 PM-2

“So, tell me about my favorite topic – you.”

“Well I’m 26. I’m from Puerto Rico. And you’ll learn more about me, when I’m ready to tell you.”

“Alright. Let’s get in the pool.”

07-25-15_9:29 PM

“Get in, the water’s nice!”

07-25-15_9:31 PM

07-25-15_9:31 PM-3

07-25-15_9:31 PM-2

07-25-15_9:40 PM

“I’m getting kinda cold. Let’s get out of the water.”

07-25-15_9:41 PM

“I’m kind of worried.”


“I want to stay on here, and I hope that you liked me in some kind of way.”

07-25-15_9:42 PM-2

“I do.”

07-25-15_9:43 PM-2

“You can’t be afraid. You just have to take risks sometimes.”

07-25-15_9:43 PM-3

“Well, what if you like some of the other girls on the show?”

“I can’t promise you that, but I do know that right now, you’re the only girl I want to keep.”

07-25-15_9:44 PM

07-25-15_9:15 PM

“We have to stop Kiana. She’s going to ruin this for all of us!”

07-25-15_9:16 PM

“We need to to ruin their date!”


“I’ll do all the work.”

07-25-15_9:47 PM

07-25-15_9:49 PM-2

“Alright, Jade. She’s right over there with him. What do I do?”

“Well first, I have to make you angry.”

07-25-15_9:50 PM


07-25-15_9:52 PM

“Her, over me?!”

07-25-15_9:55 PM-2

“Listen, Kiana. I’m going to tell you nicely. LEAVE JACOB ALONE!”

“No I won’t you’re not the boss of me, and you’re ruining our date!”

“Too bad.”

07-25-15_9:55 PM

“You think you’re all that, well let me tell you something Ms. Mexico-”

“Mexico? I’m not from Mexico. I’m from Puerto Rico, Leprechaun!”

“Leprechauns are actually a good thing, you know.”

“Get away from me!”

07-25-15_10:00 PM

“I hope you’re thirsty.”

07-25-15_10:01 PM-2

“You’re so rude!”

“Leave her alone. That’s enough.”

07-25-15_10:03 PM


07-25-15_10:04 PM

07-25-15_10:05 PM

07-25-15_10:07 PM

07-25-15_10:10 PM

“That will teach you not to be with Jacob!”

07-25-15_10:09 PM

To be continued……

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